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What Has Changed at Kalil & LaCount?

We are excited to announce that Kalil & LaCount will now issue blog posts quarterly. These posts will address a multitude of topics. This particular post will discuss what has changed at Kalil & LaCount since we last spoke, but first we should discuss what has not changed. The pandemic has precipitated many social and […]

Adapting to Change

As the year comes to a close, we reflect on the changes we have faced in representing our clients. Summer weather brought outside meetings, yet the return of the New England winter has required new methods to ensure business is conducted safely. Through these peculiar times we remain open and ready to serve our clients, […]

You Call, We Answer

Kalil and LaCount has been serving clients throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts for over 40 years. Our firm, comprised of five general practice attorneys, has been providing legal services to individuals and small to midsized businesses through times of turmoil and times of prosperity. Whatever the issue, we are committed to serving our clients’ […]

Work From Where?

With many businesses shifting to working from home, it is important to consider the effects this shift will have on your data security/privacy and potential liability. Working from home poses a new risk to the preservation of confidential information. Whether you work with protected information under state or federal law, or simply information critical to […]

Recent Changes to Retirement Accounts

The law has recently changed regarding tax-advantaged retirement accounts, these changes were included in the SECURE Act, effective January 1, 2020, and the CARES Act, effective March 27, 2020. While the CARES Act has a short-term focus, both are important to understand when managing and planning your finances.   SECURE ACT: The age for required […]

A Special Relationship

This month’s post from Kalil and LaCount will focus, not on a legal issue, recent changes in the law, or the present pandemic, but on how we view our clients. In today’s rapidly changing legal and business world, an attorney/client relationship built on mutual trust and respect is essential. Many law firms today are interested […]